Mission Statement

The California Lighthouse Society is dedicated to preserving and defending CA's historic beacons by creating and financially supporting preservation efforts across the state, instituting new lighthouse-related events, and raising public awareness of these structures' past, present, and future with the aim of unifying the state's lighthouse community.

Who We Are

The California Lighthouse Society is a chapter of the United States Lighthouse Society, a non-profit 501c3 historical and educational organization incorporated to educate, inform, and entertain those who are interested in lighthouses, past and present.


  • Creating a digital bi-yearly newsletter informing members on the progress of the chapter while providing updates on various lighthouses and lighthouse-related events.

  • Creating audio tours, brochures, and travel guides of California's lighthouses whenever applicable.​

  • Instituting regional lighthouse "challenges" that encourage participants to see all locations within a certain number of days to win prizes

  • Creating special-access opportunities for participants to explore hard-to see lighthouses by boat, car, or helicopter

    • Instituting lighthouse cruises

  • Fundraising for the restoration and rehabilitation of California's endangered lighthouses using a grant system​​.

  • Restoring California's abandoned or unused lighthouses and opening it to the public.