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Explore California's coastal treasures

California Lighthouse Locations

California's lighthouses are as diverse as its geography and its people. With a coastline over 800 miles long, the state is home to nearly 50 historic lighthouses, as well as countless other notable lighthouse-related structures and attractions. 

How to Use the Map

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"Official" Lighthouses: What most would consider lighthouses, or at least historically significant structures that were at one point official aids to navigation.

"Unofficial" Lighthouses: Includes noteworthy faux lighthouses, replica lighthouses, and lighthouses that while lighted, are not Coast-Guard official navigational aids.

Points of Interest: Encompasses a wide variety of attractions, including stand-alone elements of lighthouses such as lanterns and lenses, historic locations where lighthouses once stood, and museums/visitor centers where stamps and lighthouse artifacts may be kept.

More Details
  • Many locations participate in the United States Lighthouse Society's Lighthouse Passport Program as indicated on the map. The program provides enthusiasts the opportunity to help preserve lighthouses as well as a wonderful way to keep a pictorial history of their lighthouse adventures.  Small donations made by Passport holders generate thousands of dollars for lighthouse restoration and preservation projects.

  • When visiting locations, be mindful of when they are open; some lighthouses can only be viewed while on a tour, with special permission, or only from a distance. Respect property owners and plan ahead of time.

  • This map only includes attractions directly related to California lighthouses. Please be aware that directly across state/national borders are additional lighthouses:

    • Pelican Bay (Port of Brookings) Lighthouse is located just across the California border in Brookings, Oregon. This privately built lighthouse is an official aid to navigation, and is located near Tidewind Sportfishing, home to one of the Cape St. George Reef Lighthouse stamps.

    • Thunderbird Lodge on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe has two faux lighthouse, one on top of the lodge and another suspended over the lake. The lodge is open to tours but access is restricted.

    • Lake Havasu ​has a number of replica lighthouses on both the California AND Arizona side of the lake constructed by the Lake Havasu Lighthouse Club, see their website, as well as the visitor information website for more details. There are nearly 30 replicas on the lake.

    • The Tijuana Lighthouse is right across the U.S-Mexico border. Additional lighthouses are located on the Islas Coronados off the coast.

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